The following is a brief description of the volunteer opportunities listed on the PTA Are You In? form sent home in the first day packet. For more information on any of these, please contact Jen Soares.



  • Procure items for auction
  • Organize classroom baskets
  • Decorate venue
  • Check in/out guests at auction

Gift Wrap

  • Assemble packets
  • Promote awareness at school
  • Distribute shipment at school on delivery day

Holiday Bazaar

  • Help promote event in school and community (distribute posters etc.)
  • Help set up and clean up
  • Be available to work a shift on day of for general help

Wreath Sale

  • Sale typically runs during first two weeks of November
  • Distribute and collect forms
  • Help distribute merchandise on delivery day (after school)



Book Fair

  • Help kids navigate fair during school hours
  • Sign up for shifts to handle register before, during, and after school
  • Help publicize event at school


  • Join the Steering Committee
  • Decorating and publicity
  • Entertainment
  • Night of Help (Set Up, Man a Booth, and/or Clean Up)

Pumpkin Carving Contest

  • Make and distribute awards for pumpkins

School Pictures/Class Photos

  • Lead Volunteer organizes volunteer shift schedule
  • Help retrieve and lead classes to photo area
  • Assist students to prepare for photos
  • Get free photos for volunteering!

Talent Show

  • Assist students with rehearsals
  • Help manage AV needs
  • Help set up and clean up at event

Family Craft Night

  • Recruit and lead crafts
  • Work with food vendors to sell at event
  • Set up/clean up

Health Tests

  • Lead Volunteer organizes volunteer shift schedule
  • Volunteers help retrieve and lead classes to health test area



  • Classroom Rep/Party Planner
  • Work with Teacher to plan parties in classroom
  • Recruit and organize volunteers in classroom

Auction Procurement Rep

  • Recruit help to procure 10 general auction items for class
  • Organize and promote donation from class for “Class Basket”

Auction Art Project

  • Lead class in Art Project to sell at Auction

Parent Lead Art

  • Organize, order and maintain supplies in PLA closet and Kiln room
  • Recruit and train new volunteers
  • Coordinate schedule of lessons with volunteers and teachers
  • Maintain and update lesson plans as needed
  • Organize Art Night

For more information on PLA, please click here



After School Program

  • Create a cool and informative bulletin board at the beginning of each term
  • Be at the school at 2:15 the first week of classes to help facilitate smooth sailing
  • Populate spreadsheets for office, teachers, instructors
  • Scout new classes
  • Data entry
  • Be an assistant flexible to needs and/or desire to be mentored to take over the program in 2016

Kindergarten Connect

  • Organize and have advertising printed for the event. (fliers and The BEE)
  • Distribute information to the community (Llewellyn, local preschools, and stores)
  • Coordinate with principal and secretary about the actual event.
  • Organize volunteers for the night of the event

Llewellyn Gear/School Spirit

  • Promote and sell school gear at functions and from orders
  • Research and facilitate new design for future orders

PTA Clothes Closet/Lost & Found

  • Volunteer at the Clothing Center from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm on one or both of Llewellyn’s scheduled 2014-2015 days:  Thursdays 10/9/14 and 1/29/15.  We need 6 volunteers on each day.
  • Be willing to wash, as needed, a load of clothing from the Llewellyn Lost and Found the last weekend of a month.  (The Lost and Found will be cleared out the last Friday of each month.)
  • Be willing to drive, as needed, donated clothing (from the Lost and Found that has been washed) to the Clothing Closet at Marshall HS sometime during the first week of a month.
  • Assist with periodic new sock and underwear drives held in conjunction with other Llewellyn events (Family Craft Night, etc.) 

Staff Appreciation

  • Help lead your classroom in the making of a teacher appreciation poster
  • Spearhead or help coordinate the Kindergarten/1st grade breakfast, the second/third grade lunch, or the fourth/fifth grade dessert
  • Contribute homemade food, flowers, or other items needed for the above mentioned staff meals
  • Help deliver made-to-order espresso drinks to staff one morning
  • Contribute dinner items for teachers on Curriculum night(s)

Walk & Bike

  • Give 5-10 minute promotion talks to classrooms
  • Distribute swag (small prizes) during event (7:45-8 a.m.)
  • Collect classroom tally forms which show participation numbers
  • Lead a bike/walk train
  • Help organize the event: coordinating volunteers, securing prizes, creating and distributing promotional materials, etc.

School Garden

  • Help with classroom lead garden projects
  • Weeding and garden bed preparation

Green Team

  • This is an open book. If your passion is being green, sign up and make this your dream job!

4th Grade - Oregon Trail Fundraisers

  • Help organize fundraisers for the 4th grade overnight

5th Grade - Camp Namanu Fundraiserss

  • Help organize the Chinook Book sale and other fundraisers for the 5th grade overnight

5th Grade - Farewell

  • Help organize the 5th grade promotion festivities

P.E. Helpers

  • Help Mrs. Williams promote and recruit volunteers for Run for the Arts Day and Field Day